A cannot say which place in Morocco I love best, each having its own beauty and character. Though its the old Medinas i am really drawn to, where life is as it was hundreds of years ago, and despite modernisation creeping in that feeling of old still resides. Craftsmen still work in the cobbled streets, […]

Today my friend Maria and I discovering a side of Morocco that no tourist sees. A place I did not think the universe would guide me to yet here I am in an establishment for under privileged children. 8 to 18 year old children  from problem families are brought here, some having been rejected by […]

                                          Copoyright Barbara Louvrou   I have been asked by many why I have chosen to call my blog “writing infinite possibilities” when i have been away writing about Morocco. Simply because Morocco was an Infinite Possibility Interestingly enough my  blog has been asleep for a few months as my computer broke and I […]

I’m always amazed at how I create infinate possibilities, and why should I be, theyre always there, waiting to be taken notice of! Today I decided that after 2 days of heavy rain and cold, ‘I was gonna have me an adventure come rain or shine’. Having spent 2 days  huddled up in 4 layers […]

The Camels had been released out of their paddocks. Such huge lovely graceful animals that we had been watching out of our bedroom window that morning, and apparently emotional too – Is that an emotion we leave to the humans and camels have it too! This was going to be fun. Me on a camel […]

In the beginning  (19th september 2013) As I step off the plane and my breath takes in the elixir of sunshine and my skin tingles and feels the warmth of its rays feeding my skin and penetrating every cell of my body. It feels so good. My feelings of joy courage and excitement fill my […]