So here I am – my new home for a few months

My first encounter with a new world  (20th September2013)

Arriving at the beautiful guest house I knew I was going to love it, open spacious and light. It intrigued me to see that none of the bedrooms had windows, night mare for me, I live for the light but as it happened again the universe brought me a perfect solution. No windows meant pitch black darkness to sleep in. I have no idea whether its 3 am 6 am or noon. It means that I am working with my own clock  I’m not judging what time I think I should be waking up but finally as the days go on I’m getting the sleep my body needs. This is bliss. No one telling me – it’s time to get up, not even me, just being. There is a lovely spacious lounge that I will spend my days in writing but I know I’d prefer to spend my days on the terrace with the beautiful surrounding views. The glare off my computer screen does not allow me to do this. So most of my days are spent in the lounge – but mornings and evenings enjoyed watching the sun set and taking in the green of the mountains and fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

Hajiba prepares the most amazing tagine for me. To this day it’s the best one I’ve tasted as there are many places to buy street food. Theres olives, an aubergine tapenade, Moroccan flat round bread that surprisingly does not bloat. It an absolute feast to be greeted with. And just to finish off yummy vanilla flavoured yoghurt laced with nuts. No wine though. Well to be honest I was better with the sweet Moroccan mint tea, to relax me into calmness and sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Have the best sleep ever after having been awake for 36 hours in a pitch black dark room. My bags were half unpacked, I was too tired the night before, as I went upstairs for a typical Moroccan breakfast. I was already getting the plot a diet full of sweet stuff and bread (soon to be followed by meat). Although I enjoyed breakfast a beautiful array of different types of pancakes with bread butter honey and surprisingly olives – I suppose the saltiness takes away the intense sweetness, and of course some coffee or sweet peppermint tea. Interesting food concepts for me trying to stear away from bread and sweet stuff and I don’t eat meat – I was intrigued to see how I was going to manage my food.

That morning Hajiba kindly took me around the square and the colourful vibrant vegetable market. I was lost in what there was available. My old mind kicking in wondering where I would get stuff that wasn’t in season – how spoilt we become, how we forget its so much healthier to eat seasonally and how it is also important to be able to understand that the food that grows in that particular country is specific to the diet those people need. Though I was disappointed there were no green leaves (thank goodness I sigh that I’ve brought my super greens) what no broccoli I sigh , no Kale – all these foods we are taught we need an abundance of. More and more I was beginning to feel that living here in a land that much resembles the time of Jesus except for the abundance of mobile phones and satellite dishes precariously cemented to the roof tops was not going to have things on tap as I’m used to in the UK. This is going to be  challenge. I also don’t know any Moroccan at this point and am warned French is not that widely spoken – Interesting inded.

Hajibas guided tour of the village square helped me to get my bearings, the fruit and veg market, the bank, where to have coffee or tea. I managed to buy some nail varnish remover of all things as didnt have time to do my nails before I left and a wedding was looming. She even showed me the hairdressers but for the life of me I cant remember now.  – Taking in all the information of where what was when everything looked the same was overwhelming. It was getting really hot too and my mind was on what I needed to take for the wedding.

The lovely things was I’d only been here a couple of hours and yet I was feeling at home and very safe. What an adventure !………



  1. Sheila Anderson · · Reply

    Thank you for including me in your blogs. I am fascinated.

    I was sorry to hear that you had suffered cancer but delighted you’ve beaten it – and in your own way. You are a strong woman.

    I’m interested to know how you found Moulay Idriss and hearing more about your journeys.

    Sheila Anderson

    1. Thanks glad your enjoying the blog – if you click on ‘follow’ at the bottom of the blog page and put your email adress in you should get my new articles so you can keep in touch. Moulay was just an event of synchronicities when I decided I wanted to be away writing my book I just asked for the best place for me to do that and next thing I knew I was remembering my friend had an amazing place in Moulay idriss and so it became my new reality for a few months and loving the whole experience. Please dont be sorry about the cancer – Had I not experienced it I would not be who I am today nor would I be having these wonderful adventures. Lots of Love Bx

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