Why “Creating infinite Possibilitities”



Copoyright Barbara Louvrou


I have been asked by many why I have chosen to call my blog “writing infinite possibilities” when i have been away writing about Morocco. Simply because Morocco was an Infinite Possibility

Interestingly enough my  blog has been asleep for a few months as my computer broke and I became engrossed in adapting back to a temporary life in the UK, wondering what I was doing here again.

Why temporary – because its time i followed my heart and that can only become possible if I allow for infinite possibilities enter my conscious mind.

The blog was born because my friends wanted to know about  my adventures and somehow endless emails did not appeal,  I thought it would be a much more interesting and fun way of communicating.

My trip to Morocco was born out of an idea that I wanted space to write my book, From that  came a possibility of allowing anything and everything to enter my consciousness to allow a wonderful perfect place to appear for me to write. I had no idea where or how, It was just an idea that I decided on. An idea  I wanted more than anything.

In fact for the first time in my life I just decided it had to happen. There was not one single part of me allowing life to happen to me. it was already happening because I decided it was.

 From the idea of finding somewhere in Southern Spain which so reminds me of one of my favourite places in the world Arizona I put the idea forward , but nothing was happening, nothing was coming to me.

I was becoming increasing irritated  and frustrated, that here I was asking for something to happen and nothing was. 

Then out of the blue a thought appeared that maybe I was not supposed to be in Spain, maybe i was supposed to be somewhere else. But where? and how could I make that [possible.

Now i felt completely lost, if not Spain then where?.

I suddenly snapped out of the confusion I was creating in my mind reminding myself that I had tools to help me and i wasn’t using them. Tools that took the stress out of me trying to control what happened in my life – tools that I had leant in Access Consciousness.

So often hearing its not the how we need to decide on, but the what , and  I could achieve this by living in the question  I already had the what and the realisation that the how only needed a question to be asked.

No sooner did I ask my question

 “If not Spain where is the perfect place for me to write my book “.

Things began to move. I remember my friend Rose had a place in Morocco ,

 “ So what else was possible ? and there In was talking to her on face book, the first time in !8 months and my adventure was unfolding.

By allowing to open up to infinite possibilities I was taken somewhere I had never dreamt of. A place that had never entered my consciousness until that moment.  I had given up my endless exhaustive thinking of how I was going to get to Spain because Spain was not where I was meant to be. It was Morocco 

Morocco that brought so many life changing experiences, many new  friends and opportunities into my life that even 6 months ago were not  in my consciousness. I created all this because I spent my months there in the flow of everything and being in the question, being conscious, aware of the magic around me and  sheer curiosity which I often forget to do in the Uk as we are too busy doing and forcing what we think we want or need.

What amazing adventures  would i have missed out on had a i forced my stay in Spain.

And the adventure continues…………………… creating infinite possibilities!


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