Another side to Morocco

Today my friend Maria and I discovering a side of Morocco that no tourist sees. A place I did not think the universe would guide me to yet here I am in an establishment for under privileged children.

8 to 18 year old children  from problem families are brought here, some having been rejected by their families,some too poor to be sent to school or parents unable to look after them. Some of them homeless and picked up from the streets.

Here they are given an education including Maths and French lessons (so important in a developing country to be bi-lingual), a chance to develop their creative skills, a roof over their heads and food eat. The schools goal is to nourish these children in every waypossible and is supported by donations and funding from the government.

I walked in cautiously not knowing what to expect. The place was clean yet with some need of renovation however the children looked happy and well cared for, greeting us with smiling happy faces

© Barbara Louvrou

© Barbara Louvrou – older kids leading a singing class

The staff were enjoying teaching the classes as much as the children. Thankfully the children looked carefree well behaved and smiling. Some showing us collages they were making for mothers day.

An important factor of the school was to keep the kids in contact with family life as much as possible, both creating a family environment at the school and spending time with their own families over the weekend if they are lucky enough to have one.

What terrors they must have experienced before being found only their minds know. Hidden away not only from everyone else s view and more than likely hidden from their own selves. here is a real safe haven for them.

We felt very privileged and treated as royalty as they stood up for us in class and sang us a song of greeting. They even put on an unexpected performance for us as we had arrived impromptu and unexpected.

©Barbara Louvrou joining in the sing song

©Barbara Louvrou
joining in the sing song

We see these places all over the world but there is always one that pulls on our heart strings.

Here we soon realised how intelligent the children were despite the deprivation. They had their own personalities which were acknowledge by the staff and as in all poor countries they have the advantage over those born in developed countries that they have to be resourceful to survive, a strength for their future lives.

The amazing thing to see that even with so little their faces smiling and their eyes laughing, happy with what little they have.




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