I have started this blog on the back of another journey. As a cancer victor, as someone who believed their body could heal itself from something we fear in our society, of something we feel we need to fight against, I succeeded in bringing the balance back into it so that it could heal itself with much help and support from my family and friends and a lot of belief and learnt trust in me.

I had worked hard and followed my own intuition on how my body needed to heal, what I needed to give it so that it could do what it needed to do. i ate healthily but my body was still not immune to it. I learnt to love myself, nurture myself, break belief patterns that were so embedded in my cellular memory that it took me a while and many techniques and digging into my unknown subconscious, buried self to bring harmony and balance back to me. To become me and recognise myself for who I was and am, and what I am doing on this planet. It certainly wasn’t an easy choice but for me the only choice – a better option than drugs and convention that are no surer of survival than the road I chose.

I realised I had much to give so I decided I needed to embark on writing a book on my journey – how I got cancer and  the choices I made to heal which were physical emotional and spiritual , they all go hand in hand. And also show you how you can create choices in your world that is often pushing you into corners you would normally not have chosen because you either did not know they existed or did not know how. This is not about cancer survival but about getting your own power back to live your life as you were meant to.

I couldnt write the book in England – I had too many distractions and could not find a place to be in peace  that lent itself to writing a book. And so with the help of the universe I came to be in a Holy city in the middle of nowhere in Morocco.

How could I not capture the daily life of a european woman living in a tiny village in the middle of no where, where muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day, where the coffee shop culture is still with the men, where life is so simple in 2 weeks I have been here I’ve not seen anyone run yet. Where people are kind generous trusting and wide awake to what is going on in the world.

It started with letting my friends know what I was up to but if you’ve stumbled across this blog I invite you to join me on my journey too.



  1. I’m looking forward to a good read, Lady!

    1. Hey this is the story within the story – whilst I write my book – feels really good – Glad your enjoying x

  2. Read your Blog and your experience, found it very interestiing

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